Do you find yourself having a constant, persistent feeling of worry and fear? What you may be feeling is anxiety.

In some situations, anxiety can be a normal, and appropriate, response to challenging situations. It’s when you begin to feel a sense of chronic, excessive worry about many different aspects of life that anxiety becomes overwhelming and interferes with life. It is also common for anxiety when it has begun to become excessive to take shape in physical forms such as headaches, stomach pains, GI issues, insomnia and fatigue.

For some, anxiety presents itself as a constant, severe sense of generalized worry, while for others, anxiety appears in the form of panic attacks in response to specific situations. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is also a related condition that may produce impulsive feelings that you must behave in some specific way to remove the unwanted feelings of anxiety (for example, by repetitive hand washing). In whatever way your feelings of anxiety are manifesting, I understand how painful it can be to constantly worry or to feel that things are on the verge of falling apart.

If these feelings are like those you are having, give me a call so we can work to find a resolution to these problems.

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