Jamal Rashard, Graduate Intern

Hello, I’m Jamal Rashard

Jamal is an intern currently working towards a Master of Social Work. He has experience as a social
services resource advocate in the Chicagoland area which included working with homeless families and children to provide mental and housing support. In a previous internship he served adolescents by creating a teen support group to build self-esteem and teach positive coping skills, to regulate emotions in high pressure situations. Jamal is committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for all his clients.

He brings his passion to serve others and desire to work within the community to Jamila Jones Clinical Counseling. He is driven to strengthen our/his community for the future generation and committed to providing his clients with the best therapy and mental health resources possible.


Our 2nd year graduate interns provide low cost quality mental health services for those willing to pay out of pocket at the rate of $30 per session. Our interns do not do consultations, but your first session is free if you choose to work with our interns.


  • BA, Political Science at University of Northeastern Illinois
  • MSW Candidate, Governors State University


Adults /Individuals

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