Happy Wednesday!

Excellent reminder. I often work with women in challenging the thinking that makes this concept feel impossible. The all or nothing thinking. Either I’m healed or broken, right or wrong, it HAS to be one or the other. In reality, we’re allowed to be in transition, a work in progress, many things at once. The truth is, we’re all evolving. Healed isnt some definitive end point, its a process thats ongoing! Find acceptance in this. Find joy in the journey. We’re accepting new clients, head over to Jamilajoneslcpc.com for more information! #Therapy #Chicagotherapist #Counseling #Nowseeingclients #Virtualtherapy #Telehealth #Onlinetherapy #Onlinetherapist #Blackgirltherapist  #Womenstherapist #Therapistofcolor #wellness #inclusive

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