Listen, you dont have to fall out,

Listen, you dont have to fall out, cheat or be cheated on to end a relationship. Assessing compatibility is a healthy and integral part of consciously dating. Sometimes, things just arent a good fit. Do you often find yourself trying to make a relationship work at all costs, even yourself? What if I said that this is less about your partner but, more about you? The good news is, you can create a new normal in your dating life! It all begins with you! Therapy is a great place to process and explore what this looks like. Head over to to learn how to get started! #Therapy #Chicagotherapist #Counseling #Nowseeingclients #Virtualtherapy #Telehealth #Onlinetherapy #Onlinetherapist #Blackgirltherapist  #Womenstherapist #Therapistofcolor #Messagemonday

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