Let’s talk about it! Negative self talk

Negative self-talk can be overwhelming and stressful to live with. When your inner voice is harsh and critical of you, making decisions that challenge, empower and highlight your strengths can be hard! There are ways to challenge the voice of that inner critic! As I always tell my clients, focusing on what you know to be true, and focusing on positive thoughts with consistency and intentionality is key. If you find yourself struggling with negative self talk, there are usually negative core beliefs that need to be explored and dismantled. Therapy is the perfect place to do this. Head over to Jamilajoneslcpc.com to find out how to get started! #Therapy #Chicagotherapist #Counseling #Nowseeingclients #Virtualtherapy #Telehealth #Onlinetherapy #Onlinetherapist #Blackgirltherapist  #Womenstherapist #Therapistofcolor #Messagemonday

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