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Often when we were heavily judged and/criticized by our parents growing up, or made to focus more on the feelings of those around us than our own feelings, the concept of trusting yourself and your decisions can be difficult. How does that lack of trust for self show up? For some it comes by way of indecisiveness, for others there is the constant need for external validation and/or the need for constant reassurance. While this constant self doubt can feel overwhelmingly difficult to navigate, trusting yourself to make good, sound decisions that feel right for you can happen! And it all starts with therapy. Jamilajoneslcpc.com #Therapy #Chicagotherapist #Counseling #Nowseeingclients #Virtualtherapy #Telehealth #Onlinetherapy #Onlinetherapist #Blackgirltherapist  #Womenstherapist #Therapistofcolor #Messagemonday

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