Bloom in Life

Happy Monday! Look, life happens and over time, we can find that we are present for, and pouring into others way more than ourselves. Especially women! Where does that leave you? For some, this lack of self care can show up as feelings of sadness. For others, it can show up as physical ailments or anxiety or even feelings of resentment towards those we care for. Whatever the case, we can never wait for someone to give us permission to care for ourselves. The people around you may need you but, YOU need YOU more. So, lets talk about it! How can you show up for you this week? #therapy #chicagotherapist #counseling #Nowseeingclients #virtualtherapy #telehealth #onlinetherapy #onlinetherapist #blackgirltherapist  #womenstherapist #therapistofcolor #messagemonday

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