Intentionality is everything!

Happy Monday!

Intentionality is everything! Nothing happens by chance or coincidence. While that sometimes feels intimidating or overwhelming…how different would life be if we challenged ourselves to see this as energizing and exciting? What do you want more of? What can you do to get it?


Sometimes all we can manage is an hour or a day at a time. And that’s ok. Just remember that a bad day, week or month doesn’t constitute a bad life.

Clarity in Goal Setting

I recently came across this handwritten list by legendary author, Octavia Butler. It was supposedly written when she was starting her writing career and detailed all of the things she wanted to accomplish. Well, across the span of her career, she went on to do these things and so much more. Clarity in goal setting is everything.

In what ways can you get clear on what you want to accomplish?

What can you control?

We often work with clients who experience so much frustration connected to things they can’t control. When we challenge our anxious thoughts connected to control with this reminder, we can then focus on the ways we can positively impact our lives.

Welcome Santyna Piñeiros, LCSW to the practice!

We are welcoming Santyna Piñeiros, LCSW to the practice!

In establishing this practice I wanted to be certain that the vision of providing quality therapeutic services to all women remained at the forefront. That’s why I am thrilled to have Santyna on board!

Santyna is a bilingual (Spanish) and bicultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She values Latinx mental health awareness and providing therapy in Spanish. She believes strongly in building therapeutic relationships with a culturally-informed and person-centered lens. Her therapeutic approach is informed by motivational interviewing and family systems work as well as integrating other evidence-based modalities. Santyna works with individuals across the life span who have experienced:

• Complex Trauma
• Racial and/or Multicultural Identity Issues
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Life Transitions
• Immigration and Refugee Issues
• Grief and Loss.

Santyna is now accepting new clients!